Shotcrete / Plaster / Stucco Sprayer Pneumatic

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Machine Applications:

The Manual Shotcrete sprayer is for small to medium sized plastering/shotcrete jobs.  It can be used to spray mortar, plaster, small scale shotcrete, papercrete, earthen mixes and more.  Many of our customers use it for faux rock and vertical walls.  It is also a great stucco tool for plastering a stucco house, for traditional plastering such as one-coat or three-coat stucco, for GFRC, and stamped concrete.  It is very efficient for many alternative building methods like strawbale, earth bag, insulated panels and thin shell / ferrocement.   Watch this video: Video with Shotcrete sprayer in action

Machine Description:

You can hire the standard 100L air compressor from us to use the shotscrete sprayer.  More air is better, bigger tanks are better. The goal is to let the compressed air do the work for you. If you have at least an 100L compressor, it is a good idea to maximize the air flow and throwing power with 1/2″ ID air hose and fittings.
It is also very simple to clean. Just dip the plaster sprayer two or three times in a bucket of water and then let the air through.
It is possible to cover 60 m2 in one hour.
Made with stainless steel and brass.

Machine Specifications:

Own Weight:  2.45kg
Weight with container filled up till upper edge with plaster ready for use. Total weight:    9.2 kg
Maximum working pressure: 6 Bar.

Time required to empty the full container at a pressure of 6 bar
– emptying up to 5 cm from upper edge: 2.1 seconds
– emptying up to 10 cm from upper edge: 3.3 seconds
– complete emptying 4.5 seconds

Complete emptying on a pressure of 4 bar: 6 seconds.

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

Compressor 100L
Dust Mask

Safety Equipment suggested:

Dust Mask