Heater Mushroom Patio LPG Gas Driven

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Machine Applications:

A patio heater (also called a mushroom or umbrella heater) is an appliance for generating radiant heat for outdoor use.
Great for outdoor functions during winter

Machine Description:

A burner on top of a post burns LPG and directs the flames against a perforated metal screen. Heat is radiated from the surface of the screen in a circular pattern around the appliance. A reflector atop the burner reflects heat that would be otherwise lost upwards.

Machine Specifications:

Total Height: 2210mm
Reflector 813mm
Height Flux: 450g-870g/Hour
Wire Mesh: 3*full pc Body:
Stainless Steel Weight: 17/22 Kg
Tank Housing: Dia.378mm×765mm
Base: Dia.460mm×86 mm

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:


Safety Equipment suggested:

Use in a well ventilated area.