Brick Cutter Electric or Petrol

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Machine Applications:

Have you ever seen a mason or labourer with the side of his or her boot cut by a hand held high speed saw? Workers sometimes get a little over confident or careless & try too many cuts, too fast & too close. It doesn’t happen often but one is too many!
The answer is of course the masonry/brick saw. A table mounted saw that can provide accurate, fast & safe cuts time after time.
Used for cutting of: brick, block, pavers, stone, roofing tiles, marble, granite.
Ideal for: professional masons, paver installers & paver manufacturers.

Machine Description/Features:

• Available in a petrol powered engine when electricity is a problem & electric powered motor where exhaust fumes are problematic.
• Diamond blades available in segmented rim for brick, block, pavers, roofing tiles & granite. Also available in continuous rim for marble, ceramics & where minimum chipping is required.
• Mechanical, high speed water pump for maximum blade cooling.
• Save water via the water tray & pump recycling system.
• Adjustable cutting head can be used with foot pedal for “step cutting” or locked in place for “jam cutting”

Machine Specifications:

Engine(petrol) 6.5HP
Motor(electric) 2.2KW
Blade capacity 350mm
Cutting depth (max.) 110mm
Table size 560mm x 440mm
Water pump Mechanically belt driven

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

350mm Concrete Diamond Blades

Safety Equipment suggested:

Always wear the proper protective clothing:
• Safety goggles
• Respiratory mask
• Steel toe tipped boots
• Gloves
• Ear protection
• Hard hat
NB: All protective wear except the steel toe tipped boots are available in store.