Blow Torch with Gas Bottle

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Machine Applications:

The blowtorch is commonly used where a wide, high temperature, naked flame heat is required but not so hot as to cause combustion or welding.
LPG blow torches can be used for a variety of purposes, such as soldering, cutting, drying, welding and heating. Common applications are soldering, brazing, softening paint for removal and melting roof tar. It is also commonly used in weed control by controlled burn methods; Road repair crews may use a blowtorch to heat asphalt or bitumen for repairing cracks in preventative maintenance

Machine Description/Features:

The Blow torch is used in conjunction with a LPG Gas Cylinder.

Machine Specifications:

Maximum Temperature a LPG Blowtorch torch can achieve with air is 1,995 °C
• Selected models have a 76mm burner
• Economizer trigger for reducing fatigue
• Ideal for asphalt heating, etc.
• High pressure hose essential

Consumables sold and other equipment normally on hire with this:

• 9kg LPG Gas Cylinder.

Safety Equipment suggested:

• Gloves
• Mask
• Goggles
• Fire Retardant Overall.