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  • Router

    Machine Applications: For use with wood working application such as bevelling,routing and notching. Machine Description/Features: – Scale label – Easy to read for checking the depth of cut. – 3 stage adjustable cut depth adjustment – for precise and repentitive depth routing. – Can be placed upside down – the router can stand firmly on…

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    Skillsaw 180mm (includes blade)

    Machine Applications: Compact and lightweight, it is ideal for cutting small wood materials. Machine Description/Features: – Superior cutting performance. – All ball bearing construction for longer service life. – Large dust port can be connected to vacuum cleaner. – Quick – lock for 45 ̊ bevel angel is plastic covered for easy and comfortable operation….

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    Skillsaw 230mm (includes blade)

    Machine Applications: Can be used for cutting wood such as trusses, floorboards & raw wooden materials. Machine Description/Features: – Rear Angular guide – For smooth and precise adjustment of bevel angle – Motor Housing flat back design – Is convenient when changing saw blade – Bevel Angle – adjustable up to 50 ̊ – Ergonomically…

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    Stone Cutter (including blade)

    Machine Applications: Used for easy and quick cutting of ceramic&slate tiles, granite, marble and stone. The perfect on site cutter for last minute adjustments to kitchen tops etc. Also used for cutting grooves in or around existing floor tiles for removing specific tiles or for creating patterns. Machine Description/Features: The complete waterproof construction of the…

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    Table Wood Saw

    Machine Applications: Excellent for cutting wood trusses and board on site. Machine Description/Features: – Emergency Stop Button – Width Adjustable. – Safety guard for blade concealment. – Collapsible blade. Machine Specifications: Electric Motor: 3Hp 220V RPM Blade: 2800rpm Blade diameter: 315 Cutting Depth: 100mm Working Table Size: 860×650 H830 with extension measuring 850x400mm Weight: 94kg….

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    Vacuum Cleaner Industrial Wet & Dry

    Machine Applications: The 90L Wet& Dry Vacuum cleaner is suitable for the large-scale workshops, factories and stores. It can vacuum small liquid spillages, wet carpets as well as dry material. Machine Description/Features: Strong handle for easy transport. Machines with tested reliability. Silent motor, with powerful suction and long run-time. Machine Specifications: – Power : 2000…

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    Machine Applications: Quick, neat chasing for cable conduits and pipes in electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning installations. This wall chaser has a maximum depth and width cut of 60mm. For use on concrete, sand-lime block and brick. Machine Specifications: Dimensions                        620mm L x…